Mission 和 快速的事实

Mission Statement

Murray State University places our highest priority on student learning 和 excellent teaching, blending the range of educational opportunities often found at re搜索 机构 with the nurturing student-teacher interactions usually found at smaller 大学.

Strategic Attributes

We offer relevant undergraduate 和 graduate degree programs with core studies in the liberal arts 和 sciences, leading to degrees from certificates to advanced practice doctorates that prepare students for success. Through effective 和 creative teaching, both in traditional formats 和 in an online environment; the opportunity to apply knowledge 和 skills to real-world situations, 和 academic 和 student support services, our quality faculty 和 staff foster student growth in knowledge, critical inquiry, 和 innovative thinking. As a public comprehensive university dedicated to diversity, global awareness 和 intellectual curiosity, we actively engage students, faculty, staff 和 the community in collaborative scholarship, creative activity 和 re搜索. We invest in our communities through thoughtful public service in our 18-county service region 和 beyond. Our uniqueness arises from our combination of academic excellence, welcoming atmosphere 和 dedication to student success through mentored, real-world learning opportunities in an open-minded, supportive 和 innovative learning environment.


  • 地点: 穆雷,肯塔基州

  • 成立: 1922

  • 类型: 4-year, state-supported public university

  • 颜色: Navy blue 和 gold (white accent)

  • 昵称: 赛车手


  • 总: 9,818

  • 59 countries, 49个州 和 111 counties in Kentucky are represented among the student body.

First-time freshmen

  • 注册: 1,660

  • The 2023-24 freshmen class earned an average GPA of 3.57 as high school students.
  • 44% of the current freshman class ranked in the top 25 percent of their high school graduating classes

  • Our freshmen class is from 28 states, 4 foreign countries 和 76 Kentucky counties.

Faculty 和 staff

  • 超过 $7.3 million in grants was awarded to Murray State faculty between July 1, 2018 和 March 31, 2019 to benefit h和s-on learning opportunities

  • 75% of full-time, instructional faculty have earned the highest degree in their field.

  • University 库 provides access to more than 463,000 collections to aid faculty, staff 和 student re搜索 endeavors

Student body 和 faculty

  • The student body is 62.95%的女性37.06%的男性.

  • Fall 2022 full-time freshmen returning for the fall 2023 semester: 76%

  • Our students are residents of 49个州.

  • 760 students transferred to Murray State in Fall 2020.

  • Our six-year graduation rate is 62%.


  • Undergraduate certificates: 6

  • Associate programs: 6

  • Bachelor's programs: 60

  • Graduate certificates: 11

  • Master's 和 specialist programs: 37

  • Specialist degrees: 3

  • Doctoral programs: 3

  • Average undergraduate class size: 18

  • Undergraduate student to faculty ratio: 15.5 to 1

Undergraduate fields with the highest enrollment:

  • Animal Health Technology

  • Agricultural Science

  • 护理

  • 生物学

  • Business 政府

  • Occupational Safety 和 Health

Other facts 和 statistics

Murray State University is a tax-supported institution composed of six academic colleges 和 schools:

Regional campuses

eight residential colleges 在校园.


  • Murray State awards over $115 million annually in financial aid 和 scholarships.

  • Highest percentage of graduates with no student debt - #1 among all Kentucky public 机构
    (based on 2017-18 data)

  • In fall 2023, 99% of new, full-time freshmen.

For more information, please see the Common Data SetMurray State University Fact Books.

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