我们的校园社区致力于为学生创造一个安全的环境 所有 教职员工和学生. 

A critical campus concern is the impact of sexual and relationship violence on members 大学社区. 学校严禁性犯罪 人身攻击,约会暴力,家庭暴力或跟踪. 此外,这些罪行 在我们的大学社区里没有容身之地. 联邦反妇女暴力法案 Act (VAWA) placed obligations with colleges and universities under its 校园 Sexual 2014年《传奇电子》(SaVE)条款. 这些法规的设计, in part, to help prevent sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking, 同时也提高人们的意识,随时提供支持. As required by the provisions of 第九条 and 34 CFR part 106, Murray State University does not discriminate on the basis of sex in its educational programs and activities and is required by 第九条 and 34 CFR part 106 not to discriminate in such a manner. This non-discrimination in education programs and activities extends to employment 和招生.

为了执行《传奇电子》第九条.S. 教育部设有民事办公室 Rights (OCR), with headquarters in Washington, DC and 12 offices across the United 州.


项目/教育会议 提供关于第九章,骚扰预防,安全/保安等方面的课程. 是由默里州立妇女中心在校园内提供的,默里 State Police Department and Emergency Management, throughout the Residential College 系统等. 产品将张贴(标题IX)标记在右边的 活动/程序/会议标题上 默里州活动日程表. 此外,默里州立雇员,教师,员工和学生将参与和 获得100%的分数 网上防止骚扰培训 每年秋天使用默里州立帆布系统. 网上防止骚扰培训 the spring semester will involve only new employees and students to the university. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to participate in other programs/educational 在大学举办的有关该主题的会议包括但不限于 to self-defense, safety and security, harassment prevention awareness, and healthy 的关系.


Murray State programs and activities covered by 第九条 include: admissions, recruitment, financial aid, academic programs, student services, athletics, housing and employment. 此外,传奇电子不得报复任何人,因为他或她反对 an unlawful educational practice or policy, or made charges, testified or participated 在任何根据第九条提起的诉讼中.

第九条 prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in programs and activities which 获得一定的联邦资助. 禁止的歧视包括排斥 from or being denied the benefits of any academic, extracurricular, re搜索, occupational 基于性别的培训或其他教育计划或活动.

Illegal Discrimination: Any act or failure to act, impermissibly based in whole or in part on a person's race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, physical or mental handicap, and/or reprisal, that adversely affects privileges, benefits, working conditions, results in disparate treatment, or had a disparate impact on employees 或申请人.

Sex Discrimination: Discriminatory or disparate treatment of an individual because 他或她的性别.


是的. 第九条规定,一旦学院或大学知道或合理地应该知道 know of possible sexual harassment of students, it must take "immediate and appropriate steps to investigate or otherwise determine what occurred and take prompt and effective 采取合理的措施终止任何骚扰,消除敌对环境 if one has been created, and prevent harassment from occurring again" regardless of 被骚扰的学生是否投诉或询问 大学要行动. 如果一所大学没有做到这一点,它就会受到法律诉讼, 无论是通过私人民事诉讼还是通过行政诉讼 U.S. 教育部民权办公室.

All members 大学社区 are required to report 所有egations of illegal 歧视和/或非法骚扰到IDEA办公室. 向办公室报告 of IDEA the information you have including but not limited to name, contact information (电话、电子邮件等.)及事件详情.

Employees who are likely to witness or receive reports of sexual harassment, sexual 攻击,不当性行为,强奸,跟踪或家庭/关系暴力 报告的责任. 这实际上包括了该机构的所有员工 有可能与校园内的学生互动. 唯一的例外是 那些以咨询师的身份行事的持牌咨询师. 此外, the actual knowledge need not be direct knowledge of an incident as reported by the 受害者. 实际通知可以通过第三方报告确立.

No. Employees who are likely to witness or receive reports of sexual harassment, sexual 攻击,不当性行为,强奸,跟踪或家庭/关系暴力 有责任向第九条协调员报告该事件. 所以,即使发生意外 涉及大学社区成员(教职员工或学生)的事件 在海外留学、实地考察、实习等期间.那件事 应该向第九条协调员报告吗. 优先考虑的是受害者 the incident should be to find out if the individual has any medical or safety needs. 然后,将此事报告传奇电子第九条协调员.

传奇电子已指定希拉里. 卡米莎·皮尔斯·达菲作为第九条协调员. Any individual with questions or seeking to report an incident related to sexual harassment, 或者性侵害者可以通过下列方式进行接触:

270.809.3155 (电话)

下班后:联系警察局 270.809.2222 (电话)

当大学社区的成员在社交媒体上有经历时 platform that is unwelcome or attacking via post or image, we can appreciate the desire 删除帖子/图片.

大家都知道,传奇电子有自己的官方社交媒体平台 maintains rules for the posts and images which appear on those various platforms in 这所大学 reserves the right to delete user comments that promote commercial ventures or that 不遵守其他大学(或平台)的政策. 离题的帖子; abusive, contain profanity, are threatening in tone, or devolve into personal attacks 会被删除.  传奇电子没有权力过滤或调节社会 media pages other than the official Murray State University social media platforms. To pursue the removal of unwanted postings/images, the following steps may be taken:  

  1. Before you begin deleting and/or blocking/unfriending the social media post(s)/image(s), 您可能希望屏幕捕获/捕获不需要的内容当前的显示方式 在你的社交媒体平台上(包括任何名字,日期等). 信息). 使用 将此信息报告传奇电子社交媒体网站和互联网服务提供商. 
  2. 联系/导航到特定社交媒体平台的信息页面 获取有关如何要求删除图片/帖子的信息. 某些 posts/images may violate the terms 的服务 established by social media sites and 互联网服务提供商.
  1. If at any point the posts/images threaten bodily harm, please contact your local policing 中介机构(校外)或 大学警察 (如果在校园内).

此外, processing such written comments/images on social media platforms can 是艰难的.  请知道,对于员工,大学提供它的 雇员援助计划(EAP) 对于学生来说,他们有机会 大学咨询 和/或 默里州立心理中心 提供协助.


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